Cheshire Pension Fund – Investment Holdings

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The Cheshire Pension Fund is a long term investor aiming to secure a sustainable Pension Fund for all our stakeholders. Cheshire West and Chester Council, as administering authority, has a fiduciary duty to act in the best long term interests of the fund’s employers and scheme members. This means generating sufficient returns from investments to pay scheme members’ pensions and to protect tax payers and employers from unsustainable pension costs.

Details of the Fund’s investment holdings are published below once a quarter.

Where is my money invested?

The Fund’s strategic asset allocation, equity holdings and total assets:

Total Fund Assets as at 30 June 2019 (PDF 69KB)

The Fund Investment Strategy Statement can be found on the website at:

Investment Strategy Statement

If you have any queries, comments or questions regarding the Fund’s Investment Strategy or investments please let us know via the feedback form below:

Investment Strategy Feedback

We may respond individually or by posting information on our website.