Annual Benefit Statements

The Annual Benefit Statement is our foremost means of communication with our members, this section will hold sample statements and a copy of the accompanying newsletter.

Your personal statement is posted to your home address, it is therefore essential that you inform us when you change your address.

If you have Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), they are not shown on the Cheshire Pension Fund Statements as your AVC provider sends a separate statement annually.


The Cheshire Pension Fund has recently issued Annual Benefit Statements to around 25,000 of the Fund’s active members.

To produce an accurate and meaningful statement we need to have received complete and accurate data from your employer and updated your records.

Please note, if you have not yet received your Annual Benefit Statement, we will be running an additional print run in January 2019.

Annual Benefit Statement 2018 (PDF 1019KB)

Reply Form (PDF 203KB)

Cheshire Pension Update – Summer 2018 (PDF 633KB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2017 (PDF 954KB)

Reply Form (PDF 203KB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2016 (PDF 717KB)

Reply Form (PDF 88KB)

ABS – Introductory letter (PDF 195KB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2015 (PDF 904KB)

Reply Form (PDF 266KB)

ABS – Newsletter (PDF 449KB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2014 (PDF 123KB)

Reply Form (PDF 118 KB)

Your Pension – Newsletter (PDF 577KB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2013 (PDF 164KB)

Reply Form (PDF 141 KB)

Your Pension – Newsletter (PDF 1.21 MB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2012 (PDF 221KB)

Reply Form 2012 (PDF 79KB)

Your Pension – Newsletter 2012 (PDF 956KB)


Annual Benefit Statement 2011 (PDF 269KB)

Reply Form 2011 (PDF 81KB)

Your Pension – Newsletter 2011 (PDF 1.31MB)