Dependants Benefits

Death in Service – Lump Sum Death Grant

This benefit is paid if you die whilst still an active member of the Scheme.   Continue reading—–>

Nominated Cohabiting Partner

Since 1 April 2008, LGPS Regulations now provide a survivor’s pension for a nominated cohabiting partner.  Continue reading—–>

Death in Service – Annual Pension

The amount payable is dependent on your marital status, Continue reading—–>

Death After Retirement Grant

If you die within 10 years of retiring and are under 75 at the date of death , your estate or nominated beneficiary will receive a lump sum payment equal to 10 times your annual pension less any pension already paid.

Death After Retirement Pension

Your spouse, civil partner or nominated cohabiting partner will receive a pension based on 1/160th of the Scheme membership your pension was based on.  However, for cohabiting partner pensions the membership is only from 6 April 1988.

Children’s Pensions

Your children may also be eligible to receive a pension after you die.  Continue reading—–>