Pre-2014 Membership

Pre April 2014 the LGPS was classed as a final salary scheme.  This means that when you retire or leave employment your pension benefits built up before April 2014 will be linked to your whole time pensionable salary at leaving and the years and days of membership you have built up in the scheme before April 2014.

However, the rate at which your pension built up (accrual rate) changed as of 1 April 2008.  The accrual rate is the proportion of your final pay for each year of membership.

So if you have service prior to April 2008 your final salary benefits will be split into two calculations, Pre April 2008 and Post April 2008/Pre April 2014.

Membership accrued up to 31 March 2008 will be calculated at 1/80th per year for pension and 3/80th per year for the lump sum.  For membership built up from 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2014 the accrual changed to become 1/60th per year with an option to convert part of your pension into a lump sum.


A member aged 40 who works full time has 12 years pensionable service at 1 April 2008 and expects to work for a further 25 years service to their normal retirement date at age 65.  The member earns a full time pensionable pay of £16,000 at date of leaving.

Pension Based on Service up to 31 March 2008


Pension Based on Service from 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2014

Pension Service



Automatic Lump Sum

Pre April 08 12 £2,400 £7,200
Post April 08 6 £1,600 Nil*
Totals 18 £4,000 £7,200

* Although you do not receive an automatic lump sum in respect of your membership from 1 April 2008 through to April 2014, you will be able to give up part of your pension for a lump sum, at the rate of £1 of pension for each £12 of your lump sum subject to a maximum 25% of your LGPS Lifetime Allowance.