Pensions Tracing Service

It can be easy to lose track of a pension if you change jobs through your working life.

The Pension Tracing Service (part of The Pension Service) will try and help you trace a pension even if you’re not sure of the contact details. It has access to information on over 200,000 pension schemes. The Pension Tracing Service will use this database, free of charge, to search for your scheme.

The Pension Tracing Service may be able to provide you with current contact details for a pension scheme. You can then use this information to contact the pension provider and find out if you have any pension entitlement.

If you need to use this service please write to:

Pension Tracing Service
The Pension service
Tyneview Park
Whitley Road,
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE98 1BA


Telephone: 0845 6002 537