Gradual retirement

Yes, if you have at least 2 years total membership in the Scheme, or have transferred membership into the LGPS, you may wish to discuss the possibility of flexible retirement with your employer.

In order to access your pension benefits under flexible retirement you must be at least age 55 and reduce your hours or move to a less senior position, with the full agreement of your employer.

You can draw the pension benefits you have built up and ease yourself into retirement. If you take flexible retirement before your normal retirement age, your benefits may be reduced to take account of their early payment unless your employer agrees to waive the reduction. You can continue paying into the LGPS on your reduced hours or in your new role to build up further benefits in the Scheme. Flexible retirement is at the discretion of your employer and they must set out their policy on this in a published statement.

For further information on this facility, you should contact your Personnel Department.