Annual Benefit Statements

The Annual Benefits Statement is our foremost means of communication with our members, this section will hold sample statements and a copy of the accompanying newsletter.

Your personal statement is posted to your home address, it is therefore essential that you inform us when you change your address.

If you have Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), they are not shown on the Cheshire Pension Fund Statements as your AVC provider sends a separate statement annually.


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 231KB)

Deferred Newsletter – 2017 (PDF 435KB)


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 595KB).

Deferred Newsletter – 2016 (PDF 377KB)


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 856KB).

Deferred Newsletter – 2015 (PDF 176KB)


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 200KB).

Deferred Newsletter – 2014 (PDF 2.1MB)


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 495KB).

Deferred Newsletter – 2013 (PDF 1.08MB)


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 384KB).

Deferred Newsletter – Pension Pending 2012 (PDF 3.8MB)


Deferred Statement (Blank Copy) (PDF 375KB).

Deferred Newsletter – Pension Pending 2011 (PDF 1MB).