Forms and Calculators

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Our forms are available in PDF or online format below. Please note PDF forms must be downloaded, completed and returned to the Cheshire Pension Fund Office unless otherwise stated.

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the Cheshire Pension Fund.

Online Forms

Please use the forms below to

Additional Benefit Forms

Existing AVC fund holders can amend the amount they pay into their AVCs by completing the form below:

Transfer Forms

Please use the forms below to

Join and 50/50 option Forms

Please return the following forms  to your employer and not the Fund.


Pension Benefit Modeller

The Modeller allows you to input pensionable pay details, assumed inflation and assumed pay increases to see how the value of an LGPS pension builds over the number of years you choose. You can also choose to see how opting for the new ’50/50 scheme’ would impact on the benefits built up in a pension account.

LGPS 2014 Modeller

Contribution Calculator

A ‘Contribution Calculator’ is available, the calculator requires you to input information including your annual pensionable pay, pay frequency, section of the scheme you are in/wish to join and whether you are over State Pension Age. The results include both the gross and net contribution amount for the scheme.

Contribution Calculator (External Website)

Additional Pension Contributions (APCs) Calculator

You can pay APCs to buy additional annual pension up to a maximum of £6,822 per annum.  The following calculator will allow you to enter your details and provides you with the costs of purchasing the additonal benefit.

APC Calculator

Email Subscription

The cheshire pension fund is pleased to announce the launch of our new email alert service, by subscribing you select whether you wish to be informed of updates to specific sections of the website or if you prefer an update on any section. You can also change the areas of the site you wish to subscribe to at any time.

If you are interested in joining this service please use the link below: