LGPS Central Joint Committee


Date of Meeting  Venue Agenda Papers/Slides/Minutes Misc
14th December 2018 Shire Hall, Shrewsbury,

29th June 2018 Council Offices, Matlock, Derbyshire, DE4 3AG Agenda 29 June 2018
  1. Slideshow of LGPSC Compliance Requirements
  2. MHCLG Spring Update
  3. LGPSC Product Development and Asset Transition Plan Report
  4. LGPSC Pool Risk Register Report
  5. LGPSC Responsible Investment Update
  6. LGPSC Practitioners Advisory Forum Report and appendix – Appendix 1
  7. Slides for agenda items 4,5,7,8
  8. Minutes of meeting
23rd March 2018 1st Floor, Leverhulme Stand, The Racecourse, Chester, CH1 2LY Agenda 23 March 2018
  1. Terms of Reference Paper 
  2. Draft Joint Committee Terms of Reference
  3. Responsible Investment and Engagement Framework – Papers
  4. Responsible Investment and Engagement Framework – Presentation
  5. Joint Committee Training Session – Presentation
  6. Minutes of Meeting – 23rd March
Map of Venue