Children’s Pensions

Children’s pensions are payable for so long as eligible children remain following your death.

To be eligible your children must at the date of your death:

• be under 18 and be wholly or mainly dependant on you, or

• be aged 18 or over and under 23, be dependent on you, and be in full time education or undertaking vocational training (although a dependant child who commences full-time education or vocational training after the date of your death may be treated as an eligible child up to age 23), or

• in some cases, a dependant child of any age who is disabled may be classed as an eligible child. 

• In all cases, the children must have been born before or within a year of your death.

The amount of pension depends on the number of children you have: 

Please note. The pension may be reduced if your child is receiving pay while in full-time training for a trade, profession or vocation.