Payslip Information

Pension payslips reminder

Don’t forget that you will only receive a monthly pay slip if your NET PAY changes by more than £1 from the previous month. You will of course still receive your pension every month. We are happy to provide written confirmation of your pension if you need it e.g. for benefit claims. You will still receive a P60 although this will be sent as a separate document and not attached to your payslip. Please Keep This Safe.

Your P60 will be issued by the end of May.

Pension pay dates

The Local Government pension pay dates for the coming year (2018/19).

Month Pay date
April 2018 18th April
May 2018 18th May
June 2018 18th June
July 2018 18th July
August 2018 20th August
September 2018 18th September
October 2018 18th October
November 2018 19th November
December 2018 18th December
January 2019 18th January
February 2019 18th February
March 2019 18th March