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How do I retire?

The following is a step by step guide for employees who are aged 55 or over, who are retiring and accessing their Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) benefits.  Please note this process is not for employees leaving on Redundancy, Flexible or ill health grounds.  

Step 1 – You will need to agree the retirement date with your employer

Step 2 – Your employer should request an estimate of employee pension benefits from the Cheshire Pension Fund

Step 3 – The Fund will complete and return the estimate along with additional forms (if applicable) to the employer

Step 4 – Your employer is to issue the estimate (and any additional forms) received to you, the employee, along with a Retirement Pack

Step 5 – You will need to complete all forms in the retirement pack and return to your employer.  Along with relevant certificates as outlined in the retirement pack

Step 6 – Your employer will obtain the final pay details as soon as possible after the final pay run.  Once the pay details are available the Employer will notify Cheshire Pension Fund

Step 7 – Cheshire Pension Fund will process the final benefit calculation and send you, the employee a letter confirming the final pension benefits

*If you are employed by Cheshire West and Chester Council or Cheshire East Council the process above does not apply to you, and you should contact your Human Resource Department.


Important Information

The Cheshire Pension Fund make pension payments between the 18th and 21st of the month and aim to make first pension payment within 45 days after the retirement date.  However (depending on the retirement date, the employer’s pay run dates, and whether any overtime was earned in the final month) this could take longer. 

The Fund aim to pay retirement lump sums within 10 working days of retirement or the receipt of all relevant information from the employer and member.  This payment is often made before the first monthly payment.

If the employee pays into an AVC the processing of pension may take significantly longer.  Cheshire Pension Fund cannot release LGPS benefits until the AVC has been released by the provider.  Employees are recommended to cease paying into the AVCs in the months prior to retirement.