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Pensioner newsletter

The latest edition of our Pensioner newsletter is now available to view: Cheshire Chat 2023/24 (Edition one)

Inside you will find a range of articles which include:

  • What to do in Cheshire this Spring and Summer
  • Your Pensions Increase (PI) for the year
  • Our latest publications
  • Member representative nomination
  • Member competition (closing date 31 May 2023)

We hope you take the time to read the newsletter, and if you have any feedback, please use the survey link, in the newsletter, to tell us.

Previous years newsletters can be found below:

Cheshire Chat 2022/23 (Issue 2)

Cheshire Chat 2022/23 (Issue 1)

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Feedback from the Cheshire Chat survey 

Following on from our request to hear your views about the Cheshire Pension Fund and how informative you have found the Cheshire Chat newsletter.

Please find a report of the Cheshire Chat feedback for 2020: Cheshire Chat Feedback