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Climate Change Risk

The Fund recognises that, in addition to the wider impacts of climate change, owning investment assets with a significant exposure to fossil fuels, poses a particular potential investment risk. The Fund wishes to actively manage this risk and has therefore commissioned an independent assessment of all its publicly listed investment assets to determine the Fund’s overall carbon footprint and assess potential climate change impacts and opportunities. The resulting climate-related disclosures report is now published using the framework recommended by the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The report describes and communicates the steps the Fund is taking to manage climate-related risks and incorporate climate risk management into investment processes.

Full TCFD report (1,773 KB)

A short summary of the key points in the Cheshire Pension Fund TCFD report is also provided:

Summary of TCFD report (213 KB)

A media release to accompany the publication of the Fund’s TCFD compliant Climate Risk report can be found below:

Media release (94 KB)