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Combining Membership

Combining previous Cheshire Pension Fund pensions

You can combine your new pension with a previous pension you may have built up with the Cheshire Pension Fund. 

If you left a job with an employer who offered you a pension with the Cheshire Pension Fund and have now started another job, either with the same or different employer who also offers access to the Cheshire Pension Fund, then you can combine the benefits that are on hold with your new pension.

We will send information to you about combining your benefits once we have received the request form from you. You will need to consider whether you want to transfer and let us know if you do not wish to combine them by the response date given in the letter. Otherwise, we will automatically combine them for you.

If we don’t receive your completed new member declaration form, and we know you have other LGPS benefits (with the Cheshire Pension Fund or elsewhere) we will combine the accounts.