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Member Portal – My Cheshire Pension

In 2022, we wrote to our active* members to let them know that in 2023 we plan to launch a self-service portal, called My Cheshire Pension.

The portal will allow our members to take ownership, get closer to, and truly appreciate their Local Government Pension with the Cheshire Pension Fund.

We will be launching firstly to our active members between March and August 2023. We will then be looking to launch to our deferred* members in 2023/24.

The aim is that the Fund, and our members, can become paperless through having their LGPS pension details at the tip of their fingers, on smartphones, laptops, and computers, and be less reliant on paper communications.

My Cheshire Pension will allow members to view their Annual Benefit Statement(s) (ABS) online (coming soon) change their personal details, update their Death Grant Nomination/s, and quickly and securely message us about their pension.

We hope it will pave the way for greater online activity, and encourage members to take up engagement, with their second biggest benefit after pay – their LGPS Pension.

Not only will members be able to self-serve, but they will also be able to find out more about how they can change the living standard they wish to have, in retirement.

We will be providing more details about this portal, and how active members can sign up – very soon.

Please keep an eye out on our website, and also on any communications coming from your employer.

We look forward to welcoming you onboard!

*An active member is defined as someone who is actively contributing to the fund.

*A deferred member is defined as someone who was actively contributing to the fund but has now left the employment of an employer who is part of the Fund, or has chosen to opt-out of contributions.


Why are we launching a self-serve portal?

We are launching a portal to help members become more familiar with their LGPS pension. The portals ease of accessibility, and ease of use, will enable members to understand more about their pension, and ensure they are actively planning for retirement.

It will also help us, the Fund, to reduce our carbon footprint, to ensure that we don’t have to rely on paper communications and that members no longer have to rely on storing paper documents – unless they wish to do so.

When will the portal launch?

For active members, it will launch between March and August 2023.

For deferred members, it will launch from late 2023 and into 2024.

Why should I register for the portal?

The portal will be your one stop shop for your LGPS, Cheshire Pension Fund, pension information.

You’ll have the ability to view and change your personal information including your address, telephone, and email details. You can view and update your Death Grant Nomination details. You can view your membership details. You can message the fund quickly and securely.

We will also have more features coming soon, including viewing your Annual Benefit Statement (Summer 2023), retiring online, calculating your retirement using modelling tools.

The portal will be your quickest route to engaging with your pension and will help you to understand more about your biggest benefit after pay.