This guidance for practitioners is intended to familiarise local authorities and other key users with the Local Government Pension Scheme IDRP arrangements.  It also offers informal advice on a number of issues, which may be of concern to those with responsibilities and interest under these arrangements.

Over the course of a Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) member’s employment, and after they have left, certain decisions are taken that can have an effect upon their benefits.  Because of this, where decisions are taken, and the member disagrees with them, the law provides them with the opportunity to challenge the decision.

The IDRP is a formal procedure which is in place to resolve disagreements in relation to decisions taken regarding LGPS pension matters. It forms part of an overall process where disagreements occur which can be put simply as:

Step 1: A decision is taken that affects benefits (a “first instance decision”)
Step 2: An informal approach to resolving a disagreement about that decision
Step 3: The instigation of the formal, two stage IDRP (the internal “appeal”)
Step 4: Application to the Pensions Ombudsman for a determination (the external “appeal”)

Our guidance provides further information about the process:

Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure (IDRP) A Practitioners Guide 

Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure – Employer Nominated Person 

Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure – a note for all users

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