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Transfer Check

Transfer Conditions

For us to proceed with your transfer request, we require evidence that you have read the following information.

For anyone transferring their pension benefits out of the Cheshire Pension Fund, we must assess their appliction against the two conditions set out in The Occupational and Personal Pension Schemes (Conditions for Transfers) Regulations 2021 as follows:

First condition: Is the receiving scheme one of those listed in the transfer regulations set out below?

  • a public service pension scheme (schemes created for civil servants, armed forces, health service workers, teachers, judiciary, police, firefighters, and local government workers)
  • an authorised master trust which you can find on The Pension Regulator website: List of authorised master trusts | The Pensions Regulator

Second condition: If you do not meet the first condition you may be able to provide evidence or information which will demonstrate:

  • an employment link if you are transferring to an occupational scheme, or
  • either the employment link or the residency link if you are transferring to an occupational qualifying recognised overseas pension scheme (QROPS), or the residency link where it is not, and
  • any other evidence or information that we consider relevant to the transfer.

If you do not meet either of the above requirements it may still be possible for you to transfer your pension benefits to another provider, but the Fund is required to carry out further checks to assess the risk to you.

Please read the documents below and then complete the simple questionnaire. Part of the questionnaire is a transfer risk assessment and will help us to assess whether we need to carry out further investigations before transferring your pension benefits. If you meet either of the first conditions you will not need to complete the detailed assessment.

Freedom and choice

Pension Scam member booklet

Scamproof your savings

The Pension Regulator – Transfer Warning Letter


Please note if you require a cash equivalent transfer value for divorce proceedings please use the online form:

Request CETV for divorce proceedings