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Responsible Investment Policy

This is the Responsible Investment Policy of the Cheshire Pension Fund (the “Fund”).

Responsible Investment Policy (PDF 352KB)

The Fund is a long term investor aiming to deliver a sustainable Pension Fund for all stakeholders.

The Fund has a fiduciary duty to act in the best, long-term, interests of the Fund’s employers and scheme members. The Fund believes that in order to fulfil this duty, it must have a clear policy on how it invests in a responsible manner.

Responsible Investment is a fundamental part of the Fund’s overarching investment strategy as set out in the Investment Strategy Statement. That is, to maximise returns subject to an acceptable level of risk whilst increasing certainty of cost for employers, and minimising the long term cost of the scheme.

The Fund believes that consideration of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (“ESG”) factors are fundamental to this, particularly where they are likely to impact on the overarching investment objective.

The Fund’s approach aims to ensure that consideration of ESG factors is embedded in the investment process, utilising the various tools available to manage ESG risks and to harness opportunities presented by ESG factors.

What is our policy on Responsible Investment?

The Fund’s core principles of responsible investment are:

  • We will apply long-term thinking to deliver long-term sustainable returns.
  • We will seek sustainable returns from well-governed assets.
  • We will apply use an evidence-based long term investment appraisal to inform decision-making in the implementation of RI principles and consider the costs of RI decisions consistent with our fiduciary duties.

Investment News Report

We’re pleased to announce our first Investment News report is now available. We, the Fund, are committed to reducing the carbon footprint of our investments. We have targets that are detailed in our Taskforce on Climate Related Disclosures report, that we are currently surpassing. The Investment News report details what we are doing and how we are successful at meeting our targets.

The report also details how we are committed to investing in the UK, and how we have reduced our exposure to fossil fuels, whilst still having a voice which actively encourages the improvement of business practices.

You can read the Investment News Report, here.

Investment Spotlight

At the Cheshire Pension Fund, we are committed to Responsible Investment, and ensuring that we are transparent about it.

Here you will find examples of our investment with organisations and businesses who are dedicated to providing excellent products as well as ensuring they are positive for the environment.