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Overseas Pensioner

If you live abroad, and receive a pension from us, you will be sent an annual ‘Life Certificate’ which requires you to confirm that you are alive and eligible to continue receiving your pension.

We have hired an external agency, Target Professional Services, to assist us in ensuring the eligibility criteria is met, and that we have the most up to date details.

Target Professional Services will be contacting you, either by post or email, with details of what you need to do, in-order for your pension to continue to be paid to you.

There will be an option to verify your identity by downloading a free app, or by completing and returning a form. Please be advised if you choose to return the form we will require a photocopy of your proof of identity, or a ‘Witness Statement’.

Your full options are:

Option 1 – download the mypensionID app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, to verify your details. All you’ll need is a mobile device capable of taking photographs; a valid, government issued photo document such as passport or driving licence; and your security code, which can be found at the top of this letter. If you are already registered on the app, use your 5 digit passcode to access your data.

The mypensionID app is a safe and secure method of verifying your identity.

When you’ve downloaded mypensionID, the app instructions will guide you through your registration and verification process. You can watch a short video on how to us the app here How does mypensionID work? | mypensionID

Option 2 – fully complete Part A of the Life Certificate form you are being sent, with your personal details and supply a high-quality copy of your valid Passport or Driving Licence or National ID card. Don’t forget to sign and date the form.

Option 3 – fully complete Part A of the Life Certificate form you are being sent, with your personal details and sign the form in the presence of an independent witness (who should not be a relative or a financial dependent). Your independent witness should complete Part B of the form.  Please note both you and your witness must sign the form on the same date.

Any of the people listed below can be a witness for you.  The witness may not be a relative.

  • Bank Officer / Doctor / Lawyer / Minister of your religion
  • Any person of an official capacity who can stamp the certificate

If you choose Option 2 or Option 3 and have access to a computer or a smartphone, please email a high-quality scan or photograph of the form and any supporting documents to: with the subject line of (insert name of pension fund)

Alternatively, please return your completed form and, if using Option 2, a high-quality photocopy of your identification to:

Target Professional Services (UK) Ltd, First Floor Offices, Unit 4 Ellis Square, Manor Road, Selsey, West Sussex. PO20 0AY. United Kingdom

Failure to comply with the request could result in your pension being suspended until the eligibility process has been completed.

For more information on this process, please visit the Target Professional website where you will find further information on what they do.

If you wish to talk to us about this, please use the contact details below. If you write to us, please ensure you title your correspondence as ‘Overseas Pensioner’.