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Business plans/risk register

This plan sets out the long term objectives of the Cheshire Pension Fund, the strategic priorities and target outcomes for the next four years 2016-20.

The four year planning horizon and the themes included in the plan are consistent with Cheshire West and Chester Council’s medium term vision aimed at ‘Helping the Borough to Thrive’. The Council’s corporate values and behaviours (THRIVE) have also been used to shape the delivery plan and key performance measures, recognising that we add value, not just by delivering the right service; but by delivering it in the right way.

The pensions sector as a whole and the LGPS in particular is currently undergoing significant change, the key change drivers are described in more detail later in this plan. Changes on the scale required cannot be managed effectively on a short term basis; planning and implementation will in some cases, take many months and performance outcomes will be need to be assessed over the medium term, rather than on an annual basis.  This four year plan allows for longer term planning and performance review and provides a framework which focusses on more strategic, medium term outcomes, rather than short term actions and the most urgent priorities.

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